Membership is particularly valuable to those just beginning a career. Informal education is very important. When Professor Kistiakowski taught kinetics of explosions, he used to say, “You will not find this in any book.”  The remark applies to a considerable body of useful information in the minds of rubber and plastics practitioners.

Although mainly from the midatlantic states, MARPG members come from all regions. Anyone with an interest in rubber and plastics technology is welcome. Membership provides a mechanism for developing personal contacts with people in all phases, from polymer synthesis and characterization to marketing of end products. In this regard the network of Rubber Groups is unique. Many members belong to several, increasing idea cross-fertilization. Membership may be obtained or renewed directly or while registering with the Rubber Division.

Benefits of Membership

  • Technical meetings, papers on new products, services and equipment
  • MARPG Newsletter and website provide up-to-date information
  • Best Paper awards to speakers at technical meetings
  • Scholarships to help defray the continually rising cost of education
  • Periodic education courses in nuts-and-bolts basics
  • Sponsorship opportunities to fund scholarships
  • Social events including golf and fishing trips

Membership Registration

Individual Membership

Corporate Membership

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